A joyous feast of St. Ambrose to everyone!

We had a historic moment today for Roanoke Valley Orthodox churches. The clergy and faithful of all three of the local Orthodox Churches (St. Ambrose (OCA), Holy Trinity (GOA), and St. Innocent (Bulgarian)) gathered today at St. Ambrose for our patronal feast. There was lots of great food afterwards. It was truly a joyous time!

Thank you to everyone who attended, served, and made this day special.

Photo (left to right): Dn. John Hedrick (St. Cyprian, Midlothian), Jim Stevens (St. Ambrose), Fr. Michael Furry (St. Innocent, Salem), Fr. Jeremy McKemy (St. Ambrose), Fr. Sam Gantt (St. Cyprian & St. Ambrose), and Fr. Theodore Lyketsos (Holy Trinity).

A special thank you to Fr. Theodore. He was assigned to Holy Trinity this past August and has worked hard to bring the local clergy together for monthly meetings. His groundwork is what made this historic service possible.