Service Schedule

Weekly Schedule:

Saturdays: 6:00 PM – Great Vespers Sundays: 9:30 AM – Hours & Divine Liturgy Address:  1772 Apperson Dr Salem, VA 24153

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Sacrament Availability

Confession is available after Great Vespers on Saturdays as well as by appointment. Contact Fr. Jeremy for more information.
The Eucharist (communion) is available for all Orthodox Christians who are (1) members in good standing at their home church, (2) have recently confessed, and (3) have prepared themselves with prayer and fasting. If you have any questions or uncertainties, or if you are visiting, please reach out to us. For more information on why the Eucharist is available to Orthodox Christians only, you may read these two articles here and here.
Baptism and chrismation are available to those who attend our church on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to get baptized, or if you have a child that needs to be baptized, please come visit us and talk to Fr. Jeremy.
New to Orthodoxy? Orthodoxy is a way of life, not merely a system of beliefs. If you’re new to this whole Orthodoxy thing, there’s no better way to learn it than to attend services and meet Orthodox people. Our God wrapped Himself in flesh, becoming incarnate as a man. Our faith is also incarnational; we grow together but wither alone. The church services at St. Ambrose are in English, and we have service book guides to help you if you wish to follow along. So, please come out and join us. We look forward to meeting you!